The Lake District

Last weekend I went to the lake district where I stayed in a lovely little cottage with my boyfriend, Jordan; his mum, sister, and their dog, Neo. The car journey going there was… eventful. It took 4 and a half hours in total, we almost ran out of petrol, we got very lost, we encountered two blocked roads and got stuck on a hill (at which point the car began to roll backwards and nearly crashed into the car behind). When we did eventually arrive we were welcomed with tea, coffee and pizza.

The following morning I relaxed in front of the tv with a slice of toast, a banana, and a cup of coffee. Not long after, we got ourselves dressed and headed out to Windermere.

After walking around in the cold for some time, Jordan and I stopped off at a little cafe called The Cornish Bakery where he tried a traditional Cornish pasty, and I had a cheese scone. His pasty was huge, and filled to the brim with corned beef and potatoes– a lot more impressive than your average Greggs. I would have taken a photo hadn’t he wolfed it down in seconds. My scone was deliciously cheesy and I smothered it in lashings of butter. It was the perfect little snack to perk me up. They had a special deal where you could get any 10 scones for £10. Let me tell you, I was tempted.

If you’re ever in the area check it out.

cheese scone
The Cornish Bakery, Bowness-on-Windermere

Our next stop was the local pub for dinner, The Tower Bank Arms. It’s a quaint, dog-friendly pub, and it was just up the road from the cottage where we were staying. I ordered the steak and ale with suet dumplings, served with fresh vegetables and chips. It was divine. The beef was beautifully cooked and tender and melted in my mouth. The vegetables which I can only assume were from the local farms, were delicious. This is a dish that is definitely on my list of things to make (when I eventually get a slow cooker).

If you’re in the Near Sawrey area and you fancy a hearty, home-cooked meal check them out.

steak and ale 1
The Tower Bank Arms, Near Sawrey

steak and ale 2

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