Jamie Oliver’s sweet potato chilli

To make Jamie Oliver’s sweet potato chilli it costed around £2.52, versus his version costing £4.57. This was based on ASDA smart price ingredients:

2 sweet potatoes £0.40

4 small red and yellow peppers £0.65

1 white onion £0.10

2 cloves garlic £0.01

2 tins of kidney beans £0.60

2 tins of tomatoes £0.58

A quarter bunch of coriander £0.18

Salt, pepper, cumin and cayenne -cost is minimal.

Although I didn’t follow his recipe exactly (I didn’t have fresh chillis or cinnamon) it turned out to be really tasty. In fact, it made 6 portions rather than 4, coming in at 42 pence per head. What’s good is you can cook along to his video on YouTube which makes it all the more enjoyable, that is, if you love Jamie Oliver as much as I do.

Overall I rate this veggie chilli 8/10 only because it lacks that rich meaty texture you’d find in a beef chilli. Mine probably would have scored extra points if I had it with tortilla chips and guacamole. Nonetheless, it was hearty, filling and delicious!

If you’ve tried this recipe before, let me know what you think.

veggie chilli filter

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