London: Sky Garden

Feb 2nd

If it’s your first time exploring London or if you’re just a little bored (sound familiar, Natalie?) then here are a few places you may wish to check out: the Sky Garden, Soho, Clapham and Camden. All interesting in their own unique ways.

But first, let’s talk about coffee. So me and my sister, Natalie, were making our way to Wandsworth train station when we decided to begin our day with a cup of coffee from Costa (overpriced– yes, but it was the nearest shop). It was going to be the usual Americano with milk for me but instead, I opted for a Coconut Latte. Natalie was banging on about it the moment we stepped foot from the house. And boy have I been missing out! If you think all vegan products are subpar you’re absolutely wrong. It was just as creamy as a regular latte with a delicate sweetness from the coconut milk. I’d urge you to try it.

london- costa coffee.jpg

Let’s start with the Sky Garden

Located on Fenchurch Street, this skyscraper has a lot to offer: restaurants and bars, public indoor gardens, and outdoor terraces with scenic city views across London’s landscape. The gardens are free to explore, you just need to pre-book on their website (link below this post).

sky garden view 1
The Shard
sky garden view 2
London Bridge, left, City Hall, right

sky garden 7.jpg

london sky garden 4
No selfie sticks allowed FYI

We started with the outdoor terrace. We stood for 15 minutes taking photos and trying to name all the buildings until we realised that the glass I was standing in front of actually names them for you and with cool pictures. Also, I never realised just how big London is.

Next, the gardens.

sky garden 12.jpg

If I’m being completely honest, it’s just a bunch of trees and plants. Not to say it’s not impressive that they’ve managed to implement a garden and irrigation system so high up in the sky, but for some reason, my imagination anticipated an indoor jungle with trees looming overhead, so don’t get your hopes up as much as I did haha.

Lastly, the City Garden Bar

sky garden 9.jpg

sky garden 10.jpg

sky garden 8.jpg

Our last stop was the City Garden Bar where we winded down with a glass of prosecco and some nuts. Natalie said that because of higher altitudes, we would get tipsy faster! This I can confirm. Bear in mind that although entry may be free, the price of food and drink is dear. So if you’re not up to spending £20+ on 2 glasses of prosecco and a bowl of nuts, you’re better off eating elsewhere.

I know you’re probably thinking: ‘But this is meant to be a food blog, no?’  Well yes, you’re right, but the Sky Garden was pretty cool and I wanted to include it. I could write an extensive review on the roasted and salted cashews, almonds and peanuts; and on the wasabi peanuts, but there wouldn’t be much to it. Other than they can be bought for like a pound in the supermarket. So there you go, that’s the food segment done.

Keep your eyes peeled for part 2: Soho and Clapham




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